Urine Sample Submission

Sample Collection:

All specimens are collected in clear bottles and sealed along with relevant documentation in plastic bags by the nurses/LVNs at the doctors’ clinics. A freshly voided urine sample collected by the “clean catch” method is the specimen of choice.  First morning urine yields the most meaningful results.

A “clean catch” urine is recommended to prevent the possibility of a positive leukocyte test caused by leukocytes external to the renal-urinary system.

Specimen Handling/Transport:

  • Specimens should be delivered to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection. Place SEALED and LABELED patient urine cup in the UPS packaging provided. Store specimen at 4°C (refrigerated) until shipment.
  • Do not add disinfectant or detergent to the specimen.
  • Do not centrifuge the specimen.


  • Wear gloves at all times while handling urine specimens
  • Before handling specimens, make sure that the relevant paperwork is attached with each container and is entered in the Client portal or sent with a FULLY FILLED OUT Requisition Form!

Specimen Rejection Criteria:

Unsealed/compromised specimens, specimens with insufficient volume (less than 3 mL), bloody specimens and specimens without relevant paperwork are rejected.

Specimen Stability: 

  • Urine, kept at room temperature, is stable for one hour.
  • If the specimen is not processed within one hour after collection, it is ideal to cap the container tightly and store at 2 – 8° C.
  • Specimens must be at or brought to room temperature before analysis.
  • Bacteria, specifically gram negative organisms, are detected by Nitrite analysis – specimens showing positive outcomes for Nitrite will only be reported on as Nitrite positive and only reported with pH and SG measurement values as high bacteria levels in urine compromise the remaining tests in this assay.

Ship samples to:

Alcala Testing and Analysis Services
3703 Camino del Rio South
Suite #100-A
San Diego, CA 92108